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Global Transport Organization

Global Transport Organization (GTO), was legally formed in 1997, with World headquarters in New York, USA.

GTO, also known as “The GTO Network“ and “The GTO Family“, was created in 1997, as an elite worldwide network of remarkable locally-owned GTO Member companies engaged in providing a wide range of international logistics services.

Each GTO Member company is an established logistics expert in their local market(s) with regard to all procedures and requirements for the handling of a wide variety of different types of cargo moving via air, sea or land transport. Their capabilities include but are not limited to air / sea freight forwarding, customs clearances, land transport, warehousing and a very large variety of other related services normally provided by international logistics companies.

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The GTO Global Family

Instantly become a valued member of a well established global logistics family. Our membership turnover has remained less than 1 % annually since we began in 1997.

Access Elite Logistics Expertise

Connect with GTO Members that have expertise in every possible area of international logistics. GTO Members welcome the opportunity to educate new GTO Members to allow them to expand their own companies.

Grow Your Service Capabilities

Work with fellow GTO Members to create new service lanes and abilities as your company expands your activities. GTO Members frequently work together to develop entirely new business activities.

Increase Your Revenue

Expand air / sea inbound routing control to engage in profit sharing to grow your revenue. GTO Members love working with partners on routed cargo.

Go Global

Have a look at where you are NOT doing business and develop relationships with excellent GTO Partners to pursue new trends. As we know, new products and logistics trends are constantly developing in our global economy.

GTO Technology

Many GTO Members are noted for embracing the latest logistics technology. GTO Members are also noted for sharing what they have learned from their experiences.