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Global Transport Organization (GTO) .......

..... is a worldwide network of independent locally-owned international logistics companies.

GTO is composed of highly qualified members in major cities throughout the world. The management of GTO is continually pursuing the firm goal of securing reliable / dependable members in over 140 countries / over 750 cities by the end of 2002.

GTO members are recognized as the leading professional logistics companies in the markets where they are located. GTO members have joined together to create a global organization dedicated to excellence in logistics.

The combined experience, knowledge and expertise of the GTO membership far exceeds any level as maintained by any other multinational group or commercial body engaged in international logistics.

Each GTO member is under the direct management of the owners of member companies with support of a highly trained staff. Each GTO member utilizes the latest technology to provide a full range of international logistics services.

GTO offers the best of both worlds to exporters and importers on a worldwide basis. From each GTO member, exporters and importers have direct access to the best available global logistics services while receiving the highest level of personal service with local expertise.

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